Meridian Team

Miriam Vinagre - Body massage/ Qigong-Shibashi instructor/ Receptionist
Peter Allison - Osteopathy
Kate Jones - Osteopathy/Sports Massage
Greg Wessels - Homeopathy
Richard Nicholls - Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy
Emanuela Moreale - Pilates fitness
Andrew Haywood - Chiropody
Meg Teasdale - Chiropody
Kristine Shaw - Yoga



Kristine Shaw


Originally from a ranch near Seattle, Washington, Kris Shaw moved to Leicestershire nearly four years ago. Whilst living in the US,  Kris completed a BA in Human Development, Washington State University (2004) Certification in Family Studies and a Minor in Communication Studies 


In 2017 she qualified as an instructor for Sun Power Yoga and has more recently completed an Express Facial Certificate (The Beauty Academy, 2019) and Level 1 Environ Facial qualification, The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (2019)  


Kris is keen for adventure and has worked in eco and wellness retreats in California and Mexico while learning many wellness practices before joining Meridian Healthcare Centre.